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Inés Gómez Mont reappears and denies that she was sentenced to preventive detention

The host Inés Gómez Mont reappeared on social networks to issue a statement in which she denied and clarified some things, as she assured that it is completely false that preventive detention has been ordered.

In addition, she clarified that she has been maliciously accused in the networks and in public opinion for an alleged laundering or diversion of more than 159 million dollars when, in reality, the accusation is for a little more than 740 thousand dollars. In addition, she took the opportunity to comment that she will continue to defend her before the courts.

Inés Gómez Mont speaks in front of the camera

After the newspaper Reform affirmed on its cover of January 26 that a judge ordered preventive detention against Inés Gómez Mont, the Mexican presenter took advantage of her social networks to deny said information.

In addition, he mentioned that the arrest warrants he has are not new, since they were issued more than a year ago and he is facing them in court, assuring that the information given by the news outlet has no basis.

Instagram statement by Inés Gómez Mont

The ex-conductor of windowing He took advantage of his appearance on networks to make his position clear and reiterated that the accusation against him is not for 159 million dollars, but for a little more than 746 thousand dollars. In addition, he affirmed that in the past six-year term he made a tax reparation agreement with the Attorney General of the Republic and already paid 719 thousand dollars, so he does not understand why said payment is being ignored.

Apparently, the information presented by Gómez Mont is true, since the newspaper Reform has had to accept its error, publishing today an errata in its content, to rectify the information disseminated. In addition, he offered an apology to all involved and to his readers.

two images in one you can see a page of the Reforma newspaper in the other you can read a statement from Inés Gómez Mont

Source: Okchicas

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