Inflation likely to jeopardize Biden’s legislative election, says international relations professor

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In an interview with CNN this Monday (4), FAAP professor of International Relations Carlos Gustavo Poggio evaluated the economic situation in the United States amid the celebrations of the 4th of July, the country’s Independence Day.

When asked by CNN economics analyst Priscila Yazbek about the possibility of drawing a parallel between the oil shock of the 1970s and the rise in the price of the commodity, Poggio said that “the situation is not as serious as it was four years ago. decades, despite the worrying signs.

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Poggio said that in the face of the highest inflation in 40 years, domestic problems and the unpopularity of the Biden administration, the November legislative elections “must be even more delicate for Democrats”.

However, the professor pointed out that normally in midterm elections, the president’s party does not usually perform well.

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Regarding the decision of the US Supreme Court that suspends the right to abortion in the country, Poggio said that the issue is “a reflection of a deeply polarized society”.

“The right to abortion has been a fundamental topic of discussion between liberals and conservatives. Paradoxically, this issue could cause voters who were not going to appear in the November elections to leave their homes to vote for the Democrats.”

See the full text above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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