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Influencer accused of selling “iPhones” made of clay will face threats and extortion

The Minas Gerais Court accepted a complaint against digital influencer Daniel Augusto Bicalho Ferreira Souza, arrested since April 25 on charges of selling iPhone brand cell phones made of clay, in Belo Horizonte. He must answer for the crimes of threat and extortion.

The decision is from the 4th Criminal Court of the capital of Minas Gerais. The complaint was accepted on Friday (17).

The influencer, who has more than 300,000 followers on social media, was accused by a couple of having sold two cell phones online and that, when delivering the devices, he threatened the victims with a firearm so that they would not open the phones. cashiers on the spot and made the transfer worth R$13,000.

The victim made the transfer to a third party's account and the man fled. Soon after, the woman left the place fearing that more people were involved.

Upon arriving at a safe location, the couple decided to check the contents of the boxes and came across two blocks of clay in place of the cell phone. The victim even tried to contact the person under investigation so that he could return the money, but there was no response.

Daniel was arrested by the Civil Police of Minas Gerais, in the Camargos neighborhood, in Contagem, in Greater BH.

In the decision that made the influencer a defendant, judge Milton Livio Lemos Salles maintained Daniel's preventive detention, and considered that “the crime found in the records is serious and perpetrated through serious threat, in addition to understanding that released, the accused represents a risk to the order public and the application of criminal law”.

A CNN tries to contact the influencer’s defense.

Source: CNN Brasil

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