Influencer calls the film “The Whale” fat-phobic for not having a protagonist of the stature

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although the movie The Whalestarring Brendan Fraser, has been praised by specialized critics and has received multiple awards, including an Oscar statuette, it is not without controversy.

According to the influencers Chilean Antonia Larraín, the film is a “fat-phobic” portrait that only shows the stereotypes and thoughts that exist around overweight people. In addition, it has dismissed as unnecessary the use of fatsuit to create the image of a morbidly obese person weighing more than 200 kilos, since there are artists with that weight who could cover the role perfectly.

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Brendan Phrases in The Wale

Antonia confessed that she has not seen the film and does not intend to, since the clips on social networks are enough for her to realize the plot.

The truth is that I have not seen it and I do not want to see it. The ‘reviews’ that other fat artists have made about it are enough for me… That’s it. It seems like it’s very revictimizing, which is the whole stereotype of thinking you have about fat people.

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The influencers criticized the fact that people who are overweight or queer for a role like that of the protagonist, as well as the use of fatsuitsuits that simulate being overweight.


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I mean, they invited me to the ‘avant premiere’, to see the film, and I said: ‘No, I’m not going. I wanted to go see her to talk in the first person about what had happened to me, but I said no. My mental health. Not worth it’.

His opinion did not take long to generate criticism and ridicule on social networks, leading to the influencers to deactivate your Instagram account. However, network users reminded him that the director of the tape, Darren Aronofsky, clarified that “from a health perspective, it is prohibitive … it is an impossible role to fulfill with a real person who deals with these problems”.

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