Influencer cosmetics brands grow and big companies reinvent themselves

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More and more cosmetic brands that bear the name and foundation of celebrities are gaining space in digital media, and consequently exploding in sales.

According to the magazine Forbes , pop singer Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty accounts for the bulk of the celebrity’s estimated $1.7 billion fortune. That’s 1.4 billion from the cosmetics company, launched in 2017.

Billionaire influencer Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty, also launched in 2017, following the success of her half-sister Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, had revenue of $100 million a year after starting the business.

It is brands like these that are responsible for taking over the shelves and impacting businesses like Revlon, which filed for bankruptcy in the United States last week.

Revlon is a renowned brand in the market and is home to several major brands including Britney Spears Fragrances and Christina Aguilera Fragrances.

The company was also hit by supply problems, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 . The resulting product shortage was another major factor in prompting Revlon to file for bankruptcy protection, and analysts said they are unlikely to be resolved in the short term.

Even with fierce competition, some brands remain in the market, with innovations, especially in digital media, to attract more and more new audiences.

Cosmetic brands in Brazil

In Brazil, brands like Boca Rosa Beauty by influencer Bianca Andrade, GE Beauty by blogger Camila Coutinho and Yasmin Beauty by model and influencer Yasmin Brunet have been gaining more and more space among young people and teenagers in terms of beauty products.

In an interview with CNN Yasmin Brunet commented on Revlon’s bankruptcy filing and said he did not see it as a loss of market space, but that companies need to update.

“I believe, in fact, that there is room for everyone in the beauty sector, which is wide and always full of novelties. The point is to keep more and more updated on what the public that consumes this medium has been looking for”, she said.

THE Haskell Cosmetics which has been in the market since 2000, founded by Ana Márcia Sena, today has the presenter Eliana as one of the top names.

THE CNN, the marketing manager of Haskell, Mayara Araújo, said that the moment of the “cosmetics market is of intense evolution”.

“Certainly the brands that are attentive to the union movements of the physical and digital world are some steps ahead. The look towards celebrities, creators and influencers needs to exist in a strategic way, so that it generates results and is not just an advertising campaign”, he said.

The bet, according to Mayara, is branding and awareness campaigns. She says that the brand must be prepared to pass value to the consumer.

“The branding and awareness work needs to be constant for a brand to remain the consumer’s first purchase option. The challenge is undoubtedly huge”, he continued.

Another example of brands that use celebrities is the ocean which has been on the market since 2008, already consolidated in several products, and brought innovations in 2022.

The “Larissa Manoela” line bears the name and face of the actress and singer. The inspiration in the “young and multifaceted universe”, according to the company, which has also created products in partnership with Sabrina Sato, influencer Mariana Saad and in honor of Marília Mendonça.

THE Yasmin Beauty was launched earlier this year and has as its flagship the nourishing hair oil. The influencer says she is happy with the launch and that the public received the news very well.

“I do think that influencer brands have changed the cosmetics scenario, brought news, a new audience, a new form of consumption and marketing as well. But all this came to add”, said Yasmin.

According to her, the Fenty Beauty revolutionized the market with the breadth of foundation shades, something that the big brands for a long time didn’t look at.

“And now there is a whole movement, from everyone, that looks at this. Subjectively, a [marca] adds to the other,” he continued.

It is still possible to mention other brands such as Avon , The boticario , L’Oréal, MAC, Mary Kay, and so many others that are consolidated in the market and are maintained with the arrival of influencers.

THE Haskell which has Eliana as an ambassador, believes that the potential of brands that are already born taking advantage of this new format [trabalho com celebridades]which tends to be increasing.

“It is up to traditional brands to adapt, evolve and evaluate possible changes”, says Mayara.

“We have the Eliana as an ambassador and an essential part of building our history, which is written by different hands. Our relationship has spanned four years, and it is a pleasure to have her on our team. Her image and voice always reinforce our brand positioning in the market, bringing credibility and public recognition”, said Mayara.

For Yasmin, the fact of having or not a celebrity stamped on the brand does not speak for itself. “I think people are really looking for quality, regardless of the brand, whether it’s celebrity or not,” she said.

She says that when consumers look for a product, “the goal is to identify with the one that best meets their desires,” she said.

Mayara agrees and says that cosmetic companies today need to adapt to “a consumer that is increasingly impacted by numerous stimuli, and that is increasingly looking for brands with purpose”, she evaluated.

Bet on sustainable products

Another bet of cosmetic brands in 2022 is concern for the environment. Many companies have embraced vegan products and sustainable packaging.

According to a Euromonitor survey, consumption of plant-based products is mostly consumed by flexitarians (who are neither vegan nor vegetarian, but who consume plant-based protein) – around 42%, while vegans and vegetarians account for 4 % and 6%, respectively.

According to data from the Ministry of Economy collected at the request of the CNN , in 10 years the number of companies listed with the term “vegan” in their name grew by more than 500%. In 2022, with data up to April, 117 companies were opened using “vegan”, “vegan” or “vegan”.

What is the case of Simple Organic , a natural, vegan and organic cosmetics company founded by Patrícia Lima in 2017. Four years after its launch, the brand was purchased by Hypera, the largest pharmaceutical company in the country. In all, Simple Organic received 16 purchase proposals.

Also in 2021, Simple grew 300% in digital channels and revenues totaled R$34 million. For this year, the company projects an increase of over 150% in e-commerce, in addition to the 27 physical stores in the country.

With the Yasmin Beauty, it was no different. Having vegan products was one of the requirements to launch their products. “For me, it was always essential to have a vegan product, that would not impact the environment and was cruelty free. I have really enjoyed discovering this other side of the market, investing in products that I believe have quality”, he concluded.

*With information from Sofia Kercher, from CNN Brasil Business.

Source: CNN Brasil

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