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Influencer exposes the deception in the sizes of a clothing brand

Something that we already suspected is what a influencers just exposed on their networks, since, apparently, we were being vilely deceived by clothing brands, so our obvious frustration when trying to enter a new jeans it was not our fault.

But now the mystery has been solved, and no, it was not the fault of the Christmas tamales or the corner tacos, it was all the product of a conspiracy by the brands, since they have reduced the size of their sizes without notifying us.

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We can now breathe easy because of the content creator Majo Hdz Ledesma, @majo_hledesmaof, who just got us out of our mistake by exposing how a very popular fashion brand reduced the clothes it makes, but without changing the sizes.

To show his theory, Majo made a comparison by putting together two pants, a size 24 one that he already had in his closet, compared to a new size 26 one, as it turns out that the new one, which is supposed to be bigger for its size, is much larger. smaller, that is, size 26 is actually 22.

According to Majo’s explanation, the sizes no longer match the size of the garments, and it really makes us angry that they don’t make normal clothes for ordinary people, since they want us to fit into garments that only mannequins can wear .

Most of the comments to the clip came from girls who agreed with Majo, since it seems that clothing brands are adapting to new fashion trends.

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Source: Okchicas

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