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Influencer shows interesting facts about Ana Castela's house

The influencer and YouTuber Lucas Rangel published a video on his social networks showing the unusual things in the house Ana Castela . In addition to having fun riding a buggy on the singer's farm, he revealed that the singer collects some items in her closet.

The first curiosity is that Ana Castela's love for hats and boots is greater than anyone imagined. Representative of the trend known as “Cowboy Core”, the artist has 130 pairs of boots in your closet, plus 110 hats .

Although this coincides with the singer's musical style, the so-called “agronejo”, she has other surprising passions. Following the tour of Ana Castela's house, Lucas Rangel said that she collects Barbie dolls , Crocs It is loves painting in his spare time .

Another interesting fact is that the artist lives with her family and decorates the house with various gifts from fans. These, in fact, form another collection of Ana Castela, which gKeep all the souvenirs you receive from your admirers, such as letters, sticker albums and personalized bracelets.

Finally, the YouTuber drew attention to the singer's ranch, where she has fun on her days off. “She has a giant farm to ride horses, enjoy with friends and even ride a buggy”, concluded the influencer while showing the artist driving the small vehicle.

Check out the full video published by YouTuber:

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Source: CNN Brasil

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