Influenza vaccination is expanded throughout Brazil from this Saturday (25)

Influenza vaccination is expanded throughout Brazil from this Saturday (25)

The entire population, from six months, can be vaccinated against the flu starting this Saturday (25). With the end of the national vaccination campaign on Friday (24), states and municipalities will be able to expand the offer to the general public while stocks of immunizations last.

This year, the campaign was aimed at children from six months to under five years old, health workers, pregnant women, puerperal women, indigenous people and the elderly. Those who are part of the target audience and have not yet been immunized can also be vaccinated after the expansion of the campaign.

Vaccination against the influenza virus prevents the emergence of complications resulting from the disease, in addition to helping to reduce the pressure on the health system.

To get the flu vaccine, just go to any vaccination post. The Unified Health System (SUS) has approximately 38,000 vaccine rooms spread across the country.

The national influenza immunization campaign began on April 4th. According to the Ministry of Health, 80 million doses were distributed to states and municipalities. So far, the mobilization against the disease has reached 53.5% vaccination coverage.

How to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases

The lower temperatures, recorded in much of the country during the winter period, favor the circulation of viruses that cause infections such as flu, colds and Covid-19.

Basic care, including vaccination against influenza and Covid-19, helps to reduce the chances of infection and worsening of diseases.

Otorhinolaryngologist Carlos Barone Júnior, from Hospital Federal do Andaraí (HFA), explains how to minimize the effects of dry weather and low humidity, which are the main factors that contribute to the increase in the circulation of viruses and fungi in the environment.

“Blankets and coats, which are kept in the closet for a long time, increase winter diseases, especially respiratory ones. Hangover nasal mucous membranes also contribute a lot”, said the doctor.

Source: CNN Brasil