Inform P. Lykos: On 10.12 the cut of the dividend of 0.045 euros per share

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December 10, 2021 was set as the cut-off date for the right to receive the temporary dividend of 0.045 euros per share, as announced by Inform P. Lykos.

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It is noted that the temporary dividend for the corporate year 2021 amounts to 926,026.83 euros before tax withholding, corresponds to 0.04534198 euros per share and is subject to 5% withholding in accordance with the provisions of Law 4646/2019. Consequently, the shareholders will receive a net dividend after the above mentioned withholding of 0.043074881 euros per share.

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Beneficiaries are the shareholders of the Company who are registered in the files of DSS. on 13 December 2021 (record date). The start date for the payment of the dividend is set for December 16, 2021.

The payment of the temporary dividend will be made through the NATIONAL BANK as follows:

Through the Participants of the beneficiaries in the DSS. (Banks and Stock Exchanges), in accordance with the regulations in force of EL.K.AT. and its relevant decisions.

Especially in cases of dividend payment to heirs of deceased beneficiaries whose securities are kept in the Special Account of their Share in DSS, under the management of ATHEXCSD, the dividend payment process will be carried out after the completion of the legalization of the heirs, through of the National Bank network for one (1) year from the date of payment (ie until December 16, 2022).

In order to collect the cash from the branch network of the NATIONAL BANK, it is necessary to present the Police Identity Card and the printing of data of the K.A.M.E. number. (Investor Portion Code Number at DSS). Payment to a third party is made only upon presentation of a power of attorney, which will bear the full details of both the beneficiary shareholder and the authorized person (name, patronymic, ID number / VAT number), certified for the original signature by a Police or other Authority.

After twelve (12) months from the start date of payment, ie from December 19, 2022, the payment of the temporary dividend for the year 2021 will be made only from the Company’s offices, in Koropi, Attica, 5th km. Varis-Koropiou Avenue. .

For more information, shareholders can contact the Company’s Shareholder Services Department (tel. 210 6697804, Ms. Konstantina Kamposou).

It is pointed out that the right to receive a dividend is statute-barred after the lapse of five years (article 250 par. 15 of the Civil Code) from the end of the year in which the relevant claim was born and that after the statute of limitations the relevant amounts fall definitively to the Greek State. article 1 of n.d. 1195/1942.


Source From: Capital

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