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Injured in turbulence: More than 20 people suffered spinal injuries, says hospital

Of the dozens of people injured on Tuesday (21) during turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight, more than 20 suffered spinal injuries, according to the Bangkok hospital that treated some of the passengers.

Adinun Kittiratanapaibool, director of Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital in the Thai capital, told reporters on Thursday (23) that he is treating 22 patients with spine and spinal cord problems, six with skull and brain injuries and another 13 with bone and muscle problems. or soft tissue.

The doctor added that 17 patients underwent surgery, including procedures such as sutures and spinal operations.

Severe turbulence hit flight from London to Singapore

Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 departed London on Monday (20) at 10:38 pm local time and encountered severe turbulence en route, Singapore Airlines said.

At least one person died and dozens were injured.

The Boeing 777-300ER — with a total of 211 passengers and 18 crew on board — was diverted to Bangkok and landed at 3:45 pm local time. Ambulances and emergency response teams were waiting in the Thai capital.

Person is transported on stretcher after being injured due to turbulence on Singapore Airlines flight

Many passengers were having breakfast at the time of the incident. Videos and images from inside the aircraft after its emergency landing in Bangkok showed the extent of the damage, with overhead compartments destroyed and emergency oxygen masks hanging above the seats.

Those injured on the flight included citizens of Australia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, the United States and Ireland, the hospital said.

Of the total 71 passengers injured on the flight, 55 people remain in hospital, including 40 at the Samitivej Srinakarin facility.

A 73-year-old British man with a heart condition died on board, although hospital authorities have not confirmed the cause of death.

Later identified as Geoff Kitchen, the dead crew member was described as “a gentleman with the utmost honesty and integrity” by the Thornbury Musical Theater Group, the establishment where he worked for more than 35 years.

Of the passengers and crew on board the original flight, 143 were transported to Singapore on a relief flight sent by Singapore Airlines on Wednesday morning (22).

Source: CNN Brasil

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