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INKA President: Group lawsuits are being considered for the adjustment clause

Athens Chamber of Commerce, Athens Bar Association, GSEVEE and consumer organizations are launching a partnership to reduce the consequences of imposing an adjustment clause that has led to huge increases in electricity bills.

This is the main conclusion of the hybrid information event organized by the Athens Chamber of Commerce on Monday 9/5/2022 and which was attended by the President of GSEVEE, George Kavvathas, the President of DSA, Dimitris Vervesos, the President of INCHA, George the legal advisor of EKPOIZO, Viktoras Tsiafoutis, while representatives of various professional branches were placed on the issue.

The President of EEC, Giannis Chatzitheodosiou, in his introductory position stressed:

“Until recently, government officials argued that there was no room for other interventions. In the end, it seemed that there was, but no such decision had been made. “The government has realized that it can not be left alone with low-consumption subsidies,” said Mr. Hatzitheodosiou, adding:

“The main question that arises is, why we had to get to this point and not have taken these measures much earlier. We also believe that insufficient specifications and clarifications have been given around the new support grid, especially in It has to do with government intervention to suspend the adjustment clause, why, for example, should we wait until July for this intervention to take effect? are we discussing the permanence of the measure? “.

The President of GSEVEE and member of the Board of EEC, George Kavvathas, referred -among other things- to the pressure exerted on companies and professionals due to the huge increases and the difficulties they face due to their increased operating costs, while the President of INKA, George Lechouritis, spoke about the group lawsuits in which consumer organizations are already proceeding.

The President of DSA, Dimitris Vervesos, and the legal advisor of EKPOIZO, Viktor Tsiafoutis, referred, among other things, to the tactics of the energy companies regarding the imposition of the adjustment clause as to the complex way of calculating it that makes this calculation impossible by a consumer.

They also explained that the home consumer can be covered through a collective action, but entrepreneurs, professionals, craftsmen and other small and medium-sized enterprises are not covered. For this reason, the solution of the group lawsuit is being examined, as well as the exercise of precautionary measures in order to avoid power outages by the providers.

The participants’ reports about the amount of the increases in the electricity bills made an impression. The President of the Attica Holidays and Related Restaurants Association, Giannis Daveronis, showed a professional account who “while as usual he had to pay € 4,000, the account came with an adjustment clause of € 7,000, a total of € 11,000”, with the announcement that in in case of non-payment of the specific amount, its connection will be disconnected, something that finally happened.

Another typical example of overcharging was the operation of a patisserie. Specifically, it had a consumption of 20,000 kWh at Christmas and a electricity bill of € 2,900. However, in January, although it had less consumption and specifically 17,000 kWh, the bill amounted to € 6,100. The other speakers also highlighted the difficulties faced by companies and professionals due to the imposition of the adjustment clause but also the distortions it causes in the market and the increased risk of closing businesses.

In particular, the Economic Supervisor of EEC, Panagiotis Pantelis, the President of the Panhellenic Federation of Confectioners, Giannis Glykos, the President of the Federation of Butchers, Savvas Kesidis, the member of Panos, Mr. of the Federation of Bakers of Greece, Michalis Mousios, the President of the Association of Industries – Crafts of Greece, Giannis Lagos, the President of the Association of Small and Medium Supermarkets of Greece, Giannis Pilidis.

The ways of reaction of companies and professionals will be discussed in a new information event organized by the Athens Chamber of Commerce.

Source: Capital

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