Innovation, progress and sustainability: dialogue between Henrik Wenders and Simone Marchetti

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Trust in a future illuminated by creativity, by a driving force that, like a brushstroke of color, fills the empty spaces left by the anhedonia of the last year and a half. This is the most evocative image that emerged from the encounter between Henrik Wenders, Senior Vice President Audi AG, and the director of Vanity Fair Simone Marchetti, protagonists of a journey that started from the desire to go further and culminated with the urgency of planning a future which, to become propitious, needs imagination and, above all, inventiveness.

In a warm and surprising conversation recorded at the new Audi City Lab, which until 27 September will welcome the public at Spiga 26, in the heart of Milan, the director and Wenders touched on various themes and pressed various keys, such as the importance of enriching people through the value of experience and trust in a brand that literally suggests to us to illuminate the future and to put man at the center of a crucial and decisive restart.

“If you don’t enrich people, if you don’t respond to their needs, then you lose from the start” explained Wenders, who soon decided to embark on a career without wondering where he would go, but building his future brick by brick, following the transparency that, today, has become one of the cornerstones of the group. “We ask the public to trust us: this is the secret to creating something that is free from artifice and that allows us to invest in authentic stories, in engineers and designers who are attentive to sustainability” has taken over Wenders before defining the conversion to electric mobility as an exciting challenge which, by 2025, will result in the creation of a new generation of cars redesigned to develop starting from the cockpit and no longer from the outer shell.

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It is the beginning of a new era, a risk “That’s worth running” and that Audi is celebrating with enthusiasm by marrying the urban regeneration project promoted by Hines for 2021 in Milan. Empathy and dialogue, discovery and sustainability are, in fact, the cornerstones of the philosophy of Wenders, a man who has always been convinced that there can be no progress without insight, a future without vision. Principles that he imprinted on the brand with the curiosity of those who are used to dreaming big, but without losing sight of the contact with a consumer who is increasingly attentive to the world around him. Having an open mind and never losing sight of the beauty of Nature are the impetus for a future illuminated by the optimism that the installation «Enlightening the future» created by Marcel Wanders studio at Audi City Lab, he tried to build by imagining to lead the public towards a future in which creativity passes from simple things, like a metaphorical glitter at the end of a tunnel that seems to never end and that needs the intelligence and knowledge to become an added value.

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