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“Inside Out”: discover the emotions of films

Not long before the sequence of “Inside Out” reach the cinemas. With a date set for June 20th some teasers and trailers have already been revealed, to the delight of fans.

While you wait, it’s worth rewatching the first film, released in 2015 and which will be shown this Friday (7), in the Afternoon Session, on TV Globo.

In the story, Riley is an 11-year-old girl who must face important changes in her life when her parents decide to leave her hometown. Inside the girl’s brain, several different emotions coexist, being the Happiness, the leader, who tries hard to make Riley’s life always happy.

In the new film, new emotions like Anxiety , Boredom , Shame It is Envy arrive in the life of the protagonist, a newcomer to adolescence, who is now 13 years old.

Discover all the emotions that have already been presented in “Inside Out” below:


One of the protagonists of the first film is Joy, the first emotion to appear in Riley’s mind. Acting as leader, she spares no effort to keep the protagonist happy. She is confirmed and has already appeared in the images of the animation sequence.


As its name already suggests, Anger is responsible for the character’s moments of fury. Driven by a passion to ensure things are fair for Riley, he has a fiery spirit and tends to literally explode when things go according to plan.


Just as Joy is present in Riley’s life, so is Sadness. Misunderstood by other emotions, Sadness constantly tries to be more optimistic and helpful to Riley, but finds it very difficult to be positive, often surrendering to lying on the floor and crying.


After feeling Sad, Riley witnessed Fear, another emotion present in the 1st film. Concerned about the character’s safety and well-being, the emotion is always very concerned about the choices the protagonist makes in her life, always acting with caution and distrust.


Honest, stubborn and skeptical are some characteristics of the emotion Disgust, which has as one of its goals, to prevent Riley from being poisoned, both physically and socially. The color green, Disgusting always has the best of intentions and refuses to lower his standards.


The first emotion presented in the new film is Anxiety, which arrives as soon as Riley enters adolescence. With a nervous appearance, she literally always carries her baggage of worries. Like Joy, she also has the drive to be in control and free Riley from life’s dangers.


Another new emotion is Boredom, which is always apathetic, lazy and without much expression. Even the way the emotion speaks is monotonous and disinterested when interacting with Riley’s other emotions.


Another new addition to “Inside Out 2” is the emotion Envy, which always knows what it wants. Jealous of what everyone else has, she always appears to be fascinated by the newest things that catch her attention.


Unlike Envy, which is small, Shame is characterized by a gentle, pink giant, who wants to hide and can hardly go unnoticed. He’s still silent and uses a hoodie as a built-in hiding spot.

In the final trailer for “Inside Out 2”, viewers are introduced to a new emotion: the Nostalgia which must rescue the character’s memories.

Check out the trailer for “Inside Out 2”:

“Inside Out 2”: everything we know about the animation that premieres in June

Source: CNN Brasil

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