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Inside the fairytale castle: the Aymavilles Castle reopens in the Aosta Valley

It began to be built in the early 1200s and, with its strategic position on a hill at the entrance to the Cogne Valley, the Aymavilles Castle it has always been considered among the best defensive positions in the Aosta Valley. At the same time it is a symbol of golden life of the nobility of the region, of the Challant (the main noble Valle d’Aosta family) in particular, who from 1300 to the end of the 19th century never stopped enlarging and embellishing it, making it among the most elegant in the area: the place to organize official meetings, parties, to welcome the most illustrious guests. Now it is possible to relive those moments and admire the same beauty because, after being closed for years, the Aymavilles Castle reopens thanks to a massive restoration of the Region that lasted twenty years, and the first opportunity to rediscover it is this Christmas.

To anticipate the definitive opening of the manor, scheduled for next spring, from 22 di-
December 2021 to January 9, 2022 it will in fact be possible to enter the newly restored spaces of the castle, embellished by a romantic Christmas atmosphere with a scenography of white lights.

Aymavilles Castle www.regione.vda.it

An idea for a trip out of town but also for a trip, because visiting this castle is really worth it: for yours unique style, between medieval and baroque which tells of the interventions of the Challant family over the centuries, but also for the art that still holds today. The great and careful restoration begun in 2000 not only allowed the external architectures of the manor to be brought back to the splendor of the past, but also the internal decorative elements: spaces that Vittorio Cacherano, the last descendant of the Challant family, owner of the castle, he had imagined as a house museum exhibiting a collection of unique works. And the collection of the Académie Saint-Anselme: a corpus of hundreds of objects of art, archeology, numismatics of enormous historical and artistic value. For Christmas we will be able to have a taste, waiting for the surprises of next spring.

Tickets can be bought on midaticket.it from early December, and to access you need the green pass. More info on www.regione.vda.it.


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