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Inside the relationship between Prince Harry and the future Queen Camilla

IS a silence that makes Harry and Meghan louder and louder. Unlike the rest of the royal family, the Sussexes made no official statement after Elizabeth II made a historic “gift” to her daughter-in-law Camilla in the message that marked the beginning of the Platinum Jubilee of her reign. “It is my sincere wish that, when the time comes, Camilla will be recognized as queen consort», Wrote The Queen in a text that, even in the wake of tradition, looks to the future, to his son Carlo, his successor, and to his second wife Camilla.

The silence of Harry inevitably sparked the comments of the experts: it is a sign of disappointment or just need privacy? Speaking with GB News host Dan Wootton, the royal expert Robert Jobson stressed the different reaction of the two sons of Carlo. William, along with his wife Kate, did not miss his message of cheer towards Camilla. “Prince William is more pragmatic, and he also has to be because one day he will be the king and he has to be a little more adult in dealing with certain situations,” said Jobson, who co-authored the 2002 book. Diana: Closely Guarded Secret. Harry, on the other hand, still struggles to accept the role of Camilla in the royal family. «But we must remember that when Lady Diana she died, Harry was only 12 years old and for him it was nothing short of hard emotionally accept Camilla as his stepmotherJobson continued.

For sure both Harry and William, in the past, have suffered from the relationship between Carlo and Camilla. Clandestine first, in the public domain, and scandalous, then. However, the Duke of Sussex in 2005 (he was 21 at the time), declared that both he and his older brother loved Camilla “madly”: “She is a wonderful woman and she has made our father very, very happy. And this is the most important thing. William and I love it. She has always been very close to us. Unlike what many believe, she is by no means the “bad stepmother.”“.

Words, those spoken by Harry over fifteen years ago, which appear today more than anything else facade. On the other hand, the emotional path undertaken by William is different. According to an insider who spoke to the Daily Mail“For a long time now, the Duke of Cambridge put aside his old differences with Camilla. And today it is aligned with the thought of her Majesty of her, she supports her decision to award her the prestigious title of Queen consort in the future ».

Like a sword of Damocles over this already complicated situation hangs Harry’s memoir, announced for some time and due out in the coming months. AND many believe that Camilla will not come out well from those pages. “If Harry also retraces their relationships in his memorial, the Duchess will suffer a great deal of damage to his image,” a source told the Daily Mail. Harry’s mother, Diana, not only hated Camillabut he blamed her for having spoiled the royal fairy tale having undermined her marriage to Carlo from the very first moment. According to expert Robert Jobson, the fact that “that same woman will become Queen consort could do resurface all of Harry’s scars“. The publication date of the memorial bomb is tentatively scheduled for the end of the year. To find out what are the real feelings of the prince towards Camilla we will have to wait a little longer.

Source: Vanity Fair

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