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Inside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with all the stars

There were no fingers that turned into hot dogs in theAnnenberg Center Sunday evening, and it is not clear whether there was a journey between the multiverses. But it is quite clear that al Vanity Fair Oscar Party, everything, everywhere, was happening. All together.

Even before the crew of Everything Everywhere All at Once arrived with his seven Oscars in hand, at the party of Vanity Fair there were worlds colliding. Nancy Pelosi and your husband, Paulwere touring meeting a wide range of guests: Queen Latifahthe mayor of Los Angeles Karen Bassthe director of Dune Denis Villeneuvethe journalist Ronan Farrow and the director of LACMA Michael Govan. Justin Bieber arrived with his wife Hailey Bieber wearing what appeared to be a quilted blanket and immediately approached the star of the Clippers Russell Westbrookdressed head to toe by Thom Browne.

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The great tennis player John McEnroe dropped by the photo booth with Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel and his wife Miranda Kerr. Larry David he was minding his own business at the bar when Michael Keaton unknowingly pounced on him from behind: «Oh, hello Michael!» David exclaimed, nearly dropping his champagne flute. James Murdoch he seemed to have avoided talking to the various cast members of Successionbut couldn’t help but have a long talk with the star about Twin Peaks Kyle McLachlan. The investor Experience Nevo he grabbed Brian Grazer for the belly from behind and lifted it into the air, then join in Jeff Bezos and to his fiancée Lauren Sanchez to chat, while hundreds of celebrities filed past them.

Sharon Stone held court in a stand, while Sarah Paulson And Patricia Clarkson they have reached it; in the next booth, there were Olivia Wilde and Emily Ratajkowski. Nearby, the Dr. Dana Blumberg she made an unexpected introduction when she introduced her husband, the owner of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft, to Andrew Garfiled. “He’s a great young actor,” she told Kraft, who shook Garfield’s hand.

The 29th Vanity Fair Oscar Party once again it took place immediately after the Oscars ceremony in a newly built complex of bars and dance floors at theAnnenberg Center in Beverly Hills. The victory of Everything Everywhere All At Once (Best Picture, Best Director, Three Acting Awards, and more) was the topic of the evening, which in turn lived up to the film’s quirky story. Even Bezos commented on the film: “I liked it!”.

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The pre-party dinner with the director of Vanity Fair

The party kicked off with the start of the Oscars as guests arrived at the Annenberg Center for the annual pre-party dinnerhosted by the director of Vanity Fair Radhika Jones.

John Legend And Chrissy Teigan they arrived ready to party: they brought a deck of Uno cards to the table in case the table mates, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick And Queen Latifah they wanted to play. At Jones’s table, the guests went over and over by betting openly on the Oscars: stakes as small as $25, even though Donald Glover he hoped to take out table mates Nancy Pelosi and Michael Keaton. The winners at the end of the dinner? Jones and Glover.

After the ceremony, the first guests, like Taika Waititi And Rita Nowfrom the red carpet and headed to the party to smoke slim cigarettes next to Tom Ford. From then on, the hall filled up more and more, until Gigi Hadid she went crazy for the sparkly dress of Kendall Jenner of Maison Margiela so much that at the bar that the two almost knocked over Jon Hamm and his fiancée Anna Osceola.

Sophie Turner And Rooney Mara were busy having a conversation at the bar, while the stars of British TV Brett Goldstein And Matt Smith they drank on the outdoor patio. Suki Waterhouse crunched a double In-N-Out as the team of RRR was drawn into a conversation by JJ Abrams And Kevin Baconboth of which argued a Ram Charan how much they loved the neo-Bollywood epic. “Era JJ Abramsthe director of Star Wars”, Charan said to a man in a tuxedo. “You don’t have an agent?” the man replied.

Old friends met. When Channing Tatum he saw Jason Batemanapproached him and said: «You look fantastic, your skin is perfect, you must be part of the illuminati» (he was supposedly joking). Ari Emmanuel he crossed the whole hall to say hello Diplo and gave the musician a big brotherly hug when he caught up with him. While Darren Aronofsky talking with John Watersasked a photographer for a shot of the two of them, saying: «You have to take a picture of him.” At a certain point, Jeremy O. Harris he was talking to the creator of Euphoria Sam Levinson and his wife, the producer Ashley Lent Levinson. “You don’t understand, it’s important: Sam and Ashley Not they go out never home,” Harris said with a laugh. “We would never miss this party, it’s the most fun,” said Sam Levinson.

Source: Vanity Fair

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