INSS: 95,000 beneficiaries have until Friday to schedule medical examinations

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Those who receive benefit from the INSS (National Social Security Institute) for being away from work due to temporary incapacity – the former sick pay – should pay attention to scheduling a new medical examination, at the risk of having the benefit suspended.

Up to 95 thousand beneficiaries for temporary leave were called by public notice at the end of September and have until next Friday (19) to schedule a new medical examination, which will be evaluated if the beneficiary remains unable to work. The initial deadline, which ran until November 11th, was extended to the 19th.

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Scheduling can be done through the My INSS app or through the 135 call center (see below). If the insured does not schedule the expertise, the benefit will be suspended and will only be reactivated after a new appointment. “If the citizen’s manifestation does not occur, the aid will be definitively ceased”, warns the INSS.

The list with the name and benefit number of all those summoned was published and must be checked in the Federal Official Gazette (DOU).

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This call method is used for cases in which the letters with the call for a new expertise were returned by Correios, without the beneficiary being able to be located. This occurs due to a change of address without the respective registration update, for example.

Those who receive the benefit due to temporary absence for more than six months and who have no stipulated termination date or indication of professional rehabilitation through the Disability Benefit Review Program (PRBI) were called.

The review of this type of benefit has been taking place since August, when 173,000 beneficiaries were summoned by letter. According to the institute, disability retirees and people who receive assistance for the disabled do not undergo this review.

The INSS emphasizes that the new medical expertise may not necessarily result in the interruption of the temporary leave. It is possible that the benefit will be maintained, but that a future termination date will be set. Another possibility is for the benefit to be transformed into disability retirement, when the total impossibility of recovery is verified.

Step by step
All those called must access My INSS, through a cell phone application or over the internet, and follow the steps below:

1. Log in to My INSS;

2.Click on “What do you need?”, write “Schedule Expertise” and then on “New Application”;

3. Choose between “Initial Expertise”, if it is the first time, or “Extension Expertise”, if already on benefit.

4. Follow the directions that appear on the screen;

5. Inform the necessary data to complete your order.

Scheduling can also be done by calling the INSS Call Center on the number 135 and following the instructions. By this means it is also possible to update the address and telephone number of the beneficiary, if applicable.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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