INSS demands proof of life again in 2022; see calendar and how to do

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Retirees and pensioners of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) should pay attention to the deadlines for carrying out the proof of life, which will be mandatory again this year.

The procedure, carried out to prove that the INSS insured is alive, was initially suspended between March 2020 and May 2021. However, it was suspended again in October last year, after a new rise in Covid-19 cases. .

The proof of life, according to the federal government, is made to “avoid fraud and improper payments”.

How to make

The INSS proof of life must be made at the bank responsible for paying the benefit, at ATMs using biometrics or in person at branches.

In addition, policyholders with facial biometrics registered with Denatran or the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) can do the proof of life electronically, through the “Meu INSS” app.

It is possible to know whether or not the user can carry out the proof of life by cell phone by accessing the federal government applications and “Meu INSS”. The citizen can also go to a bank branch and consult.

Elderly people over 80 or people with limited mobility can request a home visit. In these cases, it is necessary to schedule an appointment by calling 135 or using the Meu INSS app.

The federal government warns that the INSS never asks for personal information from policyholders, such as document numbers.


For INSS policyholders who did not carry out the proof of life from 2020 to December 2021, it will be necessary to do the procedure at the beginning of this year.

If the beneficiary would have to have done the proof of life by December 2020, for example, the deadline to carry out the procedure ends in February. See the calendar below:

According to INSS Ordinance No. 1400, of December 27, 2021, after this regularization calendar, the rule that considers the beneficiary’s birthday to establish the deadline for carrying out proof of life takes effect.

“As of July 2022, in case of absence of proof of life in the month of the benefit holder’s birthday, the monthly credits of the second and third subsequent competences will be forwarded to the paying network with a blocking mark, including for those with a month birthday from January to June 2022,” the document says.

The ordinance, however, authorizes the financial institutions responsible for the payment of INSS benefits to carry out proof of life in the month prior to the benefit holder’s birthday month.

Suspension and Cancellation

Anyone who has the benefit blocked can look for the paying financial institution to regularize the situation and receive it again.

Failure to carry out the proof of life leads first to the blocking of the benefit and then to the suspension of payment.

Anyone who has the benefit suspended in February will enter the suspension stage three months later. After this period, if the citizen has not yet updated the data in this second stage, the benefit will be cancelled.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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