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Instagram continues to play with “likes”: counting can be turned on and off

Instagram continues to play with

Facebook’s Instagram team began experimenting with hiding the number of “likes” almost two years ago. But since then, Instagram has revealed few details regarding its plans in this direction during the protracted testing.

The new experiment gives users complete control over the “likes” count. The Instagram team has launched three new options that are now available to a small number of users. The application allows you to choose which of the likes will be hidden. The following options are possible:

  • complete refusal from counting “likes” for other people’s and own posts
  • disable counting “likes” only for own posts
  • leave everything as it was

Initially, Instagram’s attempts to stop showing the number of “likes” were made to distract users from the blind pursuit of “likes”. While early reviews were positive, Instagram decided in November 2019 to continue testing to get more reviews from the international community.