Instagram #inspo, the manicure of the month: the five trends of 2021

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Archived Christmas trees, snowflakes, sparkles and hollies, the manicure world is now ready to focus on the trends of the new year.

A colorful 2021 is expected, which winks at the most sprint eras of the twentieth century – see the sixties and seventies – with graphics and patterns stolen from the fashion of those years, but also geometric shapes, that give a sense of linearity and order. The mix and match di unghie multicolor does not set and continues to remain on the crest of the wave even at the dawn of the new year, while to peep out and grab the first places in the ranking are warm shades, sins, soft that silence ringing tones. In short, here are five macro-trends of 2021.

The new year opens with a newfound desire for linearity and order. Among the nail inspirations, geometric shapes that overlap, creating spectacular chromatic effects.

A trend that dominated in the second half of 2020 and that will continue to set the trend for the next few months. So yes to nails with different tones, but perfectly mixed together.

The sixties and seventies return with fury bringing all their sprint thanks to patterns and designs stolen from the fashion of those years. Sinuous lines, optical effects with vibrant colors light up the new year.

Goodbye bright and bright shades. Peeping out are mono-colored nails declined in soft, soft, warm shades such as mustard, sage green, brown. A brushstroke is enough to be in perfect trend.

The nails are stripped of any excess, rediscovering the pleasure and beauty of minimal, essential details that make the manicure precious.

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