Instagram: Live Rooms arrive for direct with 4 people at a time

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The Instagram direct remains one of the possibilities to escape while we are forced into the house: we use them to follow cooking or fitness lessons, book presentations, scientific debates, even concerts. They keep us company and inform us, and from today they can do even more, thanks to a new feature just announced: it’s called Live Rooms (or Live Rooms) and allows you to participate in Live in groups of four people (and no longer just two).

A novelty that doubles the number of participants but, above all, multiplies the possibilities of exploiting the social network.

Examples? “Talk shows, jam sessions between musicians, more engaging Q&A sessions, interactive tutorials for communities»: These are some of the examples that Instagram does in its official blogpost announcing the Live Rooms, tickling the curiosity and the desire to try of millions of creators around the world who will thus have many more opportunities to show what they can do, and not only.

In fact, even during the Live Rooms it will be possible buy badges to support creators, insert shopping links, promote fundraisers. In addition, in the coming weeks, Instagram will make available new tools to optimize the experience, for example new controls for moderation.

To try it starts as a normal direct: select the “live video” option and then click on the icon “Rooms” to add participants among those who have asked to join (up to three guests at the same time or staggered). Who is organizing is displayed at the top of the screen and those who have been blocked by one of the protagonists of the live show – as well as guests whose access to the live shows has been revoked due to violations of the guidelines – cannot participate.

“This update is another step forward in giving creators new ways to reach and engage with their audiences,” Instagram wrote, announcing that the update will soon be available globally. In the gallery above the first official images of the Live Rooms

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