Instrument: Employment increase by 5.5% in 2021 despite the pandemic

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The annual report of the Information System “ERGANI” for 2021 records an increase in employment and entrepreneurship, despite the pandemic and its effects on the economy.

Specifically, in 2021 the employees with a private law employment relationship amounted to 2,163,610, compared to 2,051,025 in 2020 (increase by 112,585 or 5.49%). Respectively, the companies that employed employees with a private law employment relationship in the year 2021 were 291,808, compared to 279,329 in 2020.

The annual report of “ERGANI” also shows that:

– More than 7 in 10 (71.81%) worked more than 35 hours per week, a slightly higher rate than in 2020 (it was 69.54%).

– The average gross monthly salary increased last year by 12.27%. Specifically, the total salary line amounted to 2.4 billion per month, from 2.1 billion in 2020, an increase due to both the increase in the number of employees and the improvement of salaries.

– The largest age group includes employees from 30-44 years (41.66%) and the next is the group 45-64 years (37.23%).

– The largest employer in the country is retail, as it employs 13.46% of all employees. They are followed by catering (10.94%), wholesale (9.52%), education (4.63%) and the food industry (4.42%).

Besides, from the data of PS. “ERGANI” for January, shows a negative balance of employment flows.

Specifically, during the last month the recruitment announcements amounted to 137,983, while the departures to 163,787 (71,697 voluntary departures and 92,090 terminations of indefinite contracts or expiration of fixed-term contracts). As a result, the January balance sheet was negative by 25,804 jobs.

According to the data included in the report, the negative balance is due for the most part (12,664 positions) in the catering sector, while the negative balance in 5,071 positions was also in the retail trade.

These developments are attributed to the restrictive measures taken in January to protect public health from the pandemic, to the climate of uncertainty that prevailed at that time regarding the evolution of the disease but also to the seasonality of jobs that characterizes each year the period after holidays.

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Source: Capital

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