Intel starts supplying bitcoin mining chip

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Intel announced the start of deliveries of an ASIC chip for bitcoin mining to selected customers.

Intel SVP of Architecture, Graphics and Software Raja Koduri tweeted:

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“The Intel AXG Custom Compute team now ships Blockscale ASICs! The first product is always unforgettable, congratulations to the team. Excited to see Argo Blockchain, GRIID Infrastructure and HIVE Blockchain improvising with Blockscale and our open design.”

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In February, the company introduced the Bonanza Mine, the first dedicated digital gold mining chip. ASIC characteristics turned out to be significantly lower than the market flagships.

Already in April, Intel announced the second generation of the Blockscale bitcoin mining chip. Journalists found information confirming that the manufacturer’s ASIC outperforms competitors in efficiency by about 15%.

Among the first customers of Blockscale, the company named HIVE Blockchain Technologies, Argo Blockchain, GRIID Infrastructure and Jack Dorsey’s Block. The latter firm does not appear in Koduri’s tweet about the start of deliveries.

“HIVE is proud to partner with Intel. We can’t wait to use the new ASICs for BTC mining, ”the Canadian company responded to the message.

The mining firm entered into an agreement with the chipmaker to purchase bitcoin mining equipment in March. Deliveries were expected to begin in the second half of the year. In June, HIVE sold roughly 10,000 ETH to “fund a strategic relationship” with Intel.

Argo Blockchain expressed their gratitude to the chip manufacturer and Koduri personally.

“We are very excited to innovate with these new ASIC chips in our custom immersion mining rigs. We thank ePIC Blockchain Technologies for joining us on this journey,” the company said.

In May, Argo Blockchain entered into an agreement with ePIC Blockchain to purchase 6,600 Bitcoin miners powered by Blockscale. The contract provides for the possibility to additionally order up to 23,400 units.

In February, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger criticized bitcoin for its impact on the environment and said that the company’s ASIC chip “will help the development of technology in a responsible and sustainable way.”

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