Intel: The letter that provoked reactions in China and the apology of the American giant

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The US company Intel is facing reactions from both social media users and the state media in China, as it has asked its local suppliers to cut off supplies from the Xinjiang region, where the Chinese government is accused of widespread violations. of human rights and the operation of forced labor camps, Forbes reported.

In an annual letter to its suppliers, released earlier this month, Intel wrote that it was obliged to ensure that its supply chain “does not use any labor or supply goods or services from the Xinjiang region” due to restrictions. imposed by “multiple governments”, Reuters reported.

The state-run newspaper The Global Times slammed Intel in a headline, calling the company statement “absurd” and noting that the company “bites the hand that feeds it”, as 26% of its revenue comes from China.

There have also been reactions on the country’s social networking platforms, with many Weibo users calling for a boycott of Intel products. In a statement on Weibo, pop star Karry Wang said he would no longer be Intel’s ambassador, as “national interests are paramount.”

In response to the reactions, Intel issued an apology on its official WeChat account, noting that its letter was not a “statement of position” of the company, but an attempt to comply with US law.

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Source From: Capital

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