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Intense bombings are recorded in Gaza this Friday (10)

Hospitals in northern Gaza were hit by heavy shelling this Friday (10), more than a month into the war between Israel and Hamas.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) say the radical Islamic group hides and operates command centers in and beneath Al-Shifa, the region’s largest hospital. In another unit, two ambulances were damaged.

The director of another hospital complex told CNN that, after the air strikes, Israeli tanks surrounded the place, preventing people from leaving. They asked the Red Cross for help.

Due to the situation, thousands of Palestinian civilians who were sheltering in hospitals began to flee to southern Gaza. This Friday (10), the Israeli Army announced a humanitarian corridor that remained open for six hours for the movement of civilians.

According to the country’s authorities, more than 100,000 Palestinians arrived in the South in the last two days.

Published by Leonardo Rodrigues.

Source: CNN Brasil

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