Intense heat sensation recorded in Brazil can cause physical complications

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In this Wednesday’s edition (19) of the Medical Correspondent board, of Novo Dia, neurosurgeon Fernando Gomes talked about the health risks of intense heat. With the arrival of summer, the city of Rio de Janeiro, for example, registered on Tuesday (18) a thermal sensation of almost 50ºC, with no forecast of low in the coming days.

According to experts, the heat wave in the country coming from the South region should last a few more weeks, after an atypical start to the year for the season. In an interview with CNN, dermatologist Daniel Dziabas talked about basic skin care, especially in a time of so much exposure to the sun. “We know that on very hot days we sweat more, sweat more and therefore lose a lot of water. To avoid the process of dehydration and heat stroke, it is essential to hydrate the body.”

“It is essential these days to protect yourself against sun exposure… use a sunscreen of at least factor 30 for people who tan and factor 50 for people who do not tan or have lighter skin”, he concluded.

Vascular surgeon Caio Focássio also spoke on the subject, warning of the risks in circulation. “Summer is the season of the year when the superficial veins, which carry blood back to the heart, become more dilated, causing vasodilation. This also occurs in individuals with varicose veins. In summer, we need to be aware that it doesn’t get worse, we must maintain regular physical activity in open places, especially aerobic activity, and be always hydrated,” he said.

For Fernando Gomes, despite the summer being a favorable season for the practice of outdoor activities, it is necessary to “help your own body in the adaptation process”. In addition to hydration, which prevents pressure drops, discomfort and thrombus formation, and sun protection every three hours, the neurosurgeon recalled that a light and balanced diet and reduced exposure to the sun between 10 am and 4 pm are necessary precautions to this time.

“Your physical body is having to deal with the extreme heat situation, so there is vasodilation – when the vessels in the periphery dilate for you to lose heat,” he explained.

“If, along with that, you start eating too heavily, blood flow is diverted to the abdomen region, and this conflict can cause the pressure to drop and you feel sick,” he explained.

Gomes also addressed a “confusion” that exchanges the feeling of hunger for thirst and vice versa. According to the doctor, the brain structure known as the hypothalamus, which controls the body’s endocrine functions and defines appetite, can be tricked into eating food when it feels the need for water.

“Regardless of the food, even if it is drier, there is an amount of water in everything.”

“The big tip is: you felt hungry, especially these days… always think: am I really not feeling thirsty? Have a glass of water, wait a while and check if, in fact, you were feeling hungry or thirsty.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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