Internship, that’s why it might be better to do it in a start up


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We are well aware that in order to complete a university course of study and thus obtain a degree, it is often required to sustain a period of stage within a company to allow students to experience the world of work first-hand and then apply what they have learned from books. And although many will immediately aspire to find employment in a large company, for a novice student it might be better debut on the professional scene by choosing a startup.

To confirm it is Startup Geeks, the Italian startup community founded by Alessio Boceda e Giulia D’Amato, which in the last few months has trained 9 students looking for companies in which to achieve their first internship and the final result would be enough to confirm that the combination stage-startup, if applied correctly, it can be absolutely profitable for both parties.

“I did not think I could entrust part of my business lines to young people in their early twenties and instead, giving them confidence and continuous feedback, I saw young students with a great desire to grow, quickly becoming reliable and responsible professionals”, says Alessio Boceda, “Startups should experiment with this choice to give life to their team: young eyes and immature professionalism, if conducted wisely, can really help to accelerate their business”.

However, one of the reasons that should make you choose a small entrepreneurial reality rather than a corporate enterprise is mainly one: if in large companies your role could be limited since you are an integral part of a large machine already started, in small companies in which you they face numerous short-term projects and therefore the workflow is much faster, you have a way of learn more things, occupy different roles and therefore gain more experience.

Furthermore, the co-founder of Startup Geeks is still suggesting to startupper: “To consider this opportunity: some of your trainees may want to take other paths at the end of the internship, while others, having experienced first hand the results obtained from their work, could be the first members of the team you are building and those with which to take your company to the next step ». For the students instead: “Among the important criteria that an intern must take into account before choosing his own internship in a startup there must be an understanding with the founder, the corporate culture that must be aligned with the values ​​of the intern, the area of ​​the market in which the startup works for, the role for which it is selected which must naturally be of interest and the elements linked to the startup economy such as the collection of investments or the turnover that give solidity to the experience you are about to live “concludes Alessio Boceda .

But how could that be a perfect internship? From the onboarding phase to the review of the set objectives, some of the characteristics that make it are listed in the gallery stage 2.0 should have.

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