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Interpol has 88 Brazilians as international fugitives

Interpol Red Diffusion has 88 Brazilians as international fugitives on its public list. In this way, fugitives are wanted in the 190 countries that are part of the international police network and can be arrested in any region of the world.

A CNN analyzed the wanted list and listed the youngest, the oldest, the longest wanted and those recently included.

Each person has a profile in the system, which contains information such as their full name, date of birth, place of birth, possible tattoos and languages.

David Cristian Aparecido da Silva is the youngest, 22 years old and is singled out by the authorities for the crimes of criminal organization, qualified homicide, possession of a restricted firearm.

The second youngest Brazilian is Jackson Rafael Santos da Silva, aged 27, wanted internationally for drug possession and trafficking;

At the other end of the list, at 78 years old, José Ribamar da Silva is the oldest. He is wanted around the world for sexual abuse of minors.

Women in crime

A minority on the list, women are also present. There are seven on Interpol’s wanted list.

One of them is Thaynara Caroline Santos Pereira, 27 years old. She is on the run for criminal association, fraud in the use of third-party credit card data.

Another is Heloísa Gonçalves Duque Soares Ribeiro, aged 74, for torture and murder. Maria Jussara da Conceição Ferreira Santos, 51 years old, for criminal organization.

Marcia Liziane Costa Vieira, 38, is wanted for theft. Brazilian Rosirene Vieira, 48, for international drug trafficking.

Silvana Seidler, 57 years old, has an open arrest warrant for aggravated murder and concealment of a corpse.

And the last on the list is Débora de Souza da Paixão, 38 years old, from Amapá, for drug trafficking.

changeable list

In April, the list was larger and had 91 Brazilians. Three were arrested during this period until June. One of them, last month, was Luiz Antônio Alves de Souza, known as the “King of Marijuana”.

He was arrested in Bolivia after spending two years on the run.

Souza had escaped from the penitentiary system on April 22, 2022 and was responsible for several crimes, such as drug trafficking, bank robbery, robbery, possession of a restricted weapon and forgery of documents.

A CNN last November, Federal Police (PF) delegate Valdecy Urquiza, director of international cooperation and vice-president of Interpol in the Americas, explained how the wanted list works.

“Interpol has 19 databases and some of them have a color nomenclature. The red diffuser, the best known, is a database where countries ask the organization for the names of people who are wanted for committing a crime in their countries”.

According to delegate Valdecy Urquiza, it is necessary to have an arrest order issued by the judge in that country and once this data has been sent to the organization, it is included in the database.

Euripides Jr

On Thursday (13), the Federal Police Superintendency in the Federal District requested the inclusion of the name of Eurípedes Gomes Júnior, president of Solidariedade, in Interpol’s Red Diffusion.

The request was sent to the Interpol central office, in Lyon, France, which began the analysis process. The request is being analyzed against the politician, who is named by the PF as leader of a criminal organization that diverted R$36 million from the electoral fund for personal trips, purchase of helicopters and houses.

Source: CNN Brasil

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