Home Finance IntoTheBlock: Two-thirds of Cardano investors suffer losses

IntoTheBlock: Two-thirds of Cardano investors suffer losses

IntoTheBlock: Two-thirds of Cardano investors suffer losses

Over the past few days, the Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency has lost about 20%. Two-thirds of investors in this coin are now at a loss.

According to the analytical service IntoTheBlock, there are now 1.03 million addresses in the Cardano network that have bought ADA coins at a price below the current one. This is 20.27% of the total number of such wallets. On the other hand, the owners of 3.63 million addresses suffer losses (71.32%).

If you look at the volumes of coins, the ratio changes slightly – 18.85 billion ADA (27%) were bought at prices below the current ones. The owners of 42 billion coins (61%) are at a loss. The remaining 12% of the coins were bought at about the same prices.

Interestingly, a fairly small amount of ADA are long-term investments – 89% of all coins are in wallets for less than 12 months. Of course, investors who bought ADA over a year ago are in profit.

However, the situation may change soon enough – the Vasil hard fork is scheduled for June in the Cardano network. According to Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson), quite a lot of decentralized applications are waiting for this update.

Recall that in early February, more than 3 million addresses were created in the Cardano network. Now the number of wallets with a non-zero balance is 5.12 million.

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