Intracom Telecom Expands TeraGo Fixed Wireless Access Network in Canada

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Intracom Telecom has announced the availability to TeraGo, a provider of wireless networking solutions for businesses in Canada, of advanced WiBAS G5 evo-BS and WiBAS G5 Connect + wireless systems at 24 GHz.

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According to a relevant announcement, TeraGo chose the WiBAS G5 based on its strategic design for the commercialization of fixed wireless access (FWA) in Canada, taking advantage of the licensed mmWave range. Thanks to WiBAS G5, TeraGo will provide faster and more reliable services to its subscribers. Also, TeraGo, as the largest holder of the mmWave spectrum in Canada, and utilizing Wi-Fi G5 multi-point (PtMP) technology, will achieve the goal it has set for an even denser high-speed access network. TeraGo is the first company in North America to take advantage of the capabilities of WiBAS G5 at 24 GHz, being the first to test Intracom Telecom technology in the laboratory and in the field. Intracom Telecom’s complete ecosystem of FWA solutions, including the uniMS platform, was tested by TeraGo for automated network lifecycle management.

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Intracom Telecom’s WiBAS wireless multi-point solution has been selected and replaced by other broadband access technologies, such as fiber optics and copper, in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The latest and most successful wireless network installations have been implemented by the company on behalf of leading telecommunications and internet service providers in Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa.


Source From: Capital

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