Intracom Telecom: Upgrade of the radio design application uni | MS ™ Radio Planner

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Intracom Telecom, an international provider of telecommunications systems and solutions, today announced the upgrade of its uni | MS ™ Radio Planner radio design application, offering even more advanced features.

Specifically, the application is enriched with intelligent algorithms for designing and optimizing wireless access networks (FWA) and transmission, in a wide range of frequencies (6-42, 57-64 & 71-86 GHz) and topologies (Point-to-MultiPoint & Point-to -Point) for Intracom Telecom radio systems as well as other manufacturers.

Utilizing the intuitive / easy-to-understand (UI) interface, many management capabilities, and intelligent algorithms of the uni | MS πλα platform, radio design experts can now focus on overseeing business and business automation and validating instead of being consumed in time-consuming repetitive tasks.

It is worth noting that the uni | MS ™ Radio Planner application can work both individually, exclusively for radio frequency design, and in conjunction with the other management and control applications of the uni | MS πλα platform, accelerating the development and optimization of a network, with a closed-loop approach, in all phases of its life cycle.


Source From: Capital

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