Intrum: Great interest in the secondary loan market

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The activation of the secondary loan market in combination with the inflow of new investment funds is expected to enhance market liquidity, ensuring the smooth implementation of the Hercules program, said Mr. Akis Bis, Managing Director of Intrum Investments Greece.

Despite the macroeconomic impact of energy costs, high inflation and the war in Ukraine, “our investments have shown resilience, which means that we made the right investments at the right time and implemented the right management strategy “, pointed out Mr. Akis Bis, Managing Director of Intrum Investments Greece, speaking at the international DDC Conference, NPL Management Greece 2022.

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Mr. Biss pointed out that the investment interest in the domestic secondary claims market will continue and Intrum as an investor will consider all the opportunities presented. He stressed that the returns that Intrum Investments has are satisfactory, both for its privately owned portfolios and for the investments in the securitization transactions of “Iraklis”. “The privately held portfolios pay collectively with high returns while the coupons for the intermediate securities (mezzanine) and for the six securitization transactions (Phoenix, Vega I, Vega II, Vega III, Sunrise I and Sunrise II) have been successfully paid.”

Source: Capital

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