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Inventing Anna, the first looks from Netflix’s most anticipated series

What we already know about the story that inspired Inventing Anna, the 9-episode miniseries coming this February is enough to create high expectations. The history of the Fake Heiress (podcast title that BBC Radio dedicated to them) is indeed incredible.

Anna Sorokin, this is his real name, is one twenty-year-old Russian naturalized German who has been dreaming of the fashion world ever since she went to school. After high school he briefly attends the Central Saint Martins to then leave for Paris for an internship at the prestigious magazine Purple. This is where his new identity is born: he changes his surname to Delvey, start dressing Gucci, Acne e Rick Owens, never separates from glasses Celine which in fact will become a sort of symbol of his style and post on Instagram images of his new fabulous life between party and travel abroad.

At first glance it might seem an innocent deception, made to give the impression of a perfect life. Who doesn’t do it on social media, right? Except that, once you get to New York, Anna introduces herself to gallery owners, it-girls e insider of the fashion world and art, like a millionaire ready to invest her money in the next one Soho House. So scam hotels, boutiques and even banks until, after four years of deception and manipulation, the truth comes out.

She, meanwhile, has accumulated a respectable wardrobe, leaving behind a massive credit. To go to court he gets to hire one stylist, Anastasia Walker, to curate her look to appear before the judge. To start, go for a blouse Saint Laurent matched to pants Victoria Beckham. His prison makeover, as the newspapers define it, she is even worth an Instagram account entirely dedicated to her appearances at the bar, AnnaDelveyCourtLooks.

According to the statements of her image consultant, it seems that the defendant wished to bet on timeless clothes since the images of the trial, thanks to the internet, would remain forever in the web memory. The story of the girl who defrauded the big apple jet set already seems in itself the plot of a movie. It was only a matter of time, then, before the queen of TV series, Shonda Rhimes, acquired the rights to make the new series to see after the great success of Bridgerton.

In the first images leaked from the set Julia Garner, who plays Anna, wears garments that well describe the protagonist’s passion for big fashion houses, such as Burberry, Gucci e Dior, a brand of which he owned several garments. In gallery below the first preview images from the set of Iventing Anna, the Netflix series coming to February 2022.

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