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“Investigation in Milan for money laundering by members of the Pancheri family and their tax office”

“Investigation in Milan for money laundering by members of the Pancheri family and their tax office”

According to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, it is going to start soon in Milan research for money laundering from part of the Pancheri family.

The newspaper reports that this new activity of the Milan prosecutor’s office will be the result of cooperation between Italian and Belgian prosecutors. The Belgian judges together with the person in charge of the entire investigation, Michel Kles, remained the previous two days in the Italian co-capital.

More detail, the “Italian investigation” in a first phase is considered likely to focus on the activity of the Panzeri family’s tax expert, Monica Bellini, who is under house arrest following the issuance of a European Arrest Warrant.

According to Brussels prosecutors, he may have been involved main role in money laundering through the company Equality Consultancy, which was created in 2018 and closed three years later. “Its members, among others, were also relatives of Francesco Giorgi, former assistant of Antonio Panzeri in the European Parliament,” writes the newspaper, according to APE-MPE.

Finally, the Italian newspaper recalls that Giorgi himself, in his interrogation, said that “the tax expert Bellini allegedly had an important role in the “repatriation” of cash coming from the Catarrh and created, together with Antonio Panzeri’s daughter, Silvia, a corporate structure aimed at guaranteeing a flow of money that looks legitimate.”

According to many commentators, however, after the signing of Antonio Panzeri’s memorandum of cooperation with the Brussels Prosecutor’s Office and his new interrogations, it is considered very difficult to be able to obtain new, decisive elements for the whole case, from a possible Italian independent judicial investigation.

Source: News Beast