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Investigation of attack in Denmark, rains in Alagoas and more than 4th of July

Investigation of attack in Denmark, rains in Alagoas and more than 4th of July

The Danish police investigation, which says there are no indications that the shooting that left three dead in a shopping mall in the country was an “act of terrorism”, and the rains in Alagoas, which have already killed at least two people, are among the highlights of this Monday (4).

Denmark shopping mall attack was not an act of terrorism, police say

Danish police said on Monday that there were no indications that the shooting that left three dead in a shopping mall in the country was an “act of terrorism”.

According to Chief Inspector Soren Thomassen, the suspect appears to have acted alone and had a history of mental health issues.

The attack took place on Sunday (3), in a shopping mall in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and left three dead, two 17-year-old teenagers and a 47-year-old Russian citizen. Four people are in serious condition but in stable condition, police said.

Two people die as a result of heavy rains in Alagoas

Two people died in Alagoas, until this Sunday (3), as a result of heavy rains that hit the state, in the cities of São Miguel dos Campos and Coruripe. Another 39,285 thousand are homeless or displaced.

The concepts of homeless and homeless are different. Homeless is one who has lost his home and is in a public shelter. The homeless person had to leave his home – he did not necessarily lose it – and he is not in shelters, but at the home of a relative, friend or acquaintance, for example.

So far, 51 municipalities are in an emergency situation. Another four should be included in a decree that should be published soon: Feira Grande, Porto de Pedras, Colônia Leopoldina and Dois Riachos.

FAB intercepts plane and PF seizes more than 600 kg of cocaine base paste

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) intercepted, this Sunday (3), a small plane that entered Brazilian airspace without authorization, in Mato Grosso do Sul, and the Federal Police (PF) seized 663 kilograms of cocaine base paste. , in São Paulo.

The action was part of Operation Ostium, which operates on the border.

Two A-29 Super Tucano aircraft were destined for action. Officers questioned the plane’s pilot, but got no response.

RJ government will use Procon to force gas station to reduce gasoline price

The government of Rio de Janeiro will use the Consumer Protection Code to force gas stations to reduce the price of a liter of gasoline and ethanol starting this Monday (4), informed the Consumer Protection agency of the Rio de Janeiro (Procon-RJ) to Estadão/Broadcast. The fines, based on the size of the company and the infraction, can reach R$ 12 million, according to the agency.

Starting this Monday, the operation “Magnifying glass on the bomb” will begin, announced last Friday by the state government, which on the same date reduced ICMS from 32% to 18%, following Supplementary Law 194, enacted last week. The government of Rio forecasts a drop of at least R$ 1.19 per liter of gasoline and R$ 0.79 per liter of ethanol.

According to Procon, the gas station that does not reduce the price of fuel will be fined and can be fined, based on the Consumer Code. After the assessment, an administrative process will be opened that can generate a fine, the amount of which will depend on the size of the company and the infraction committed. The maximum fine that can be applied by the agency is R$ 12 million.

Committee investigating Capitol invasion raises pressure on Trump in US

The US Congressional committee investigating the US Capitol invasion on January 6, 2021, has picked up important indications of the responsibility of then-President Donald Trump in the riots that ended with at least five deaths and dozens of arrests. .

Trump rejects the commission’s claims and prepares to face a popularity test in elections that will renew part of Congress on Nov. After a series of public hearings held in June, the committee halted work for the 4th of July holiday celebrations, but is expected to resume activities next week, and a report with final conclusions is expected to be presented in September.

In this episode of E Tem Mais, Muriel Porfiro presents an overview of the investigations into the invasion of the Capitol. To describe the possible political impacts of the case, the correspondent of the CNN in the USA Mariana Janjácomo and professor of international relations Carlos Gustavo Poggio, from FAAP.

Source: CNN Brasil



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