Invitation Al. Tsipras to KINAL, KKE and Varoufaki for consultation due to pandemic

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By Niki Zorba

Alexis Tsipras recently announced his intention to invite KINAL, KKE and MERA25 for consultation due to emergency conditions in the pandemic in a speech in Larissa, in the context of a SYRIZA event.

Mr. Tsipras, after launching another fierce attack on the Government and the Prime Minister for the management of the pandemic, stating that he neither wants nor can manage it for fear of losing (extreme) right-wing votes, said specifically: In the near future I intend to communicate with the leaders of all democratic opposition parties because we have nothing to expect from the government and Mr. Mitsotakis, clarifying that the parties of the democratic opposition must put aside rivalries and coordinate on the issue of the pandemic.

In his address to the “democratic opposition” as he characterized it, he noted:

“It is not enough here that we have come to complain. We have a responsibility to stop the catastrophic descent. It has been proven that the Mitsotakis government does not intend to listen to us. “I wondered out loud at previous events if he did not want to or if he could not. Today I say he neither wants nor can. Society must demand solutions.”

Kyriakos Velopoulos and his party are excluded from the invitation of a pandemic to the opposition, which the president of SYRIZA intends to address through personal communication with the party leaders. According to clarifications of associates of the president of SYRIZA in the Capital.g“K. Velopoulos does not belong to the democratic opposition”. Commonly, Alexis Tsipras will seek conciliation only with his “neighboring” parties: KINAL, KKE and Mera25.

The measures

In the same context, however, referring to the dramatic developments on the pandemic front, he called on the Government, here and now, to:

1. Open up the private sector, private hospitals for covid cases.

2. Stop “the nonsense of Mrs. Kerameos with 50% + 1 to close the class. In which European country is this done? The incubation of the coronavirus is done in schools. To close the class in the first case for 4 days and to “Every child comes back after a molecular test. We do not ask for distance education”.

3. “Stop the shameful voting logic in the Church and the Security Forces. It is unthinkable for a police officer to check on you – which is how it should be done to check your certificate – and to be unvaccinated yourself.”

4. Organize a joint campaign to persuade the 800,000 unvaccinated, over 65, “door-to-door” and to stop the Government from “tackling the white towel in the pandemic”.


Source From: Capital

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