IOTA Developers Launch Alpha Version Of ISCP Smart Contract Platform

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IOTA Developers have launched a stable version of the IOTA Smart Contracts Protocol (ISCP) smart contract platform. The new platform will allow developers to compile and test smart contracts.

According to an IOTA blog post, the alpha version of the smart contract platform is built in Rust and the WebAssembly framework, which puts it in a development environment similar to some of the more recent smart contract platforms such as Polkadot and Near Protocol.

The general architecture of ISCP is also somewhat similar to existing sharding projects. Chains with smart contract support will act as Tangle-validated second-tier environments. Validators do not need to check all chains at once, since the creators of the smart contract chain will directly choose the mechanism for assigning validators. This allows you to create both open networks and managed corporate networks.

The IOTA team expects the alpha release of the smart contract platform to attract developers who want to build apps in the DeFi industry and with NFT tokens. The alpha version of ISCP is being deployed in parallel with the GoShimmer testnet, in a coordinatorless environment.

The Mana module, which will be released this month, will integrate ISCP chains directly into this testnet without a coordinator. At the same time, developers will be able to deploy isolated testnets to develop DApps on an IOTA-based infrastructure. An IOTA spokesman said smart contracts will be an integral part of the upcoming rollout of the Coordicide update, which will signal the launch of IOTA 2.0.

As a reminder, the IOTA Foundation planned to roll out the Chrysalis update to the IOTA mainnet in March last month, and add tokenization capabilities to the network in the first half of 2021.

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