IPC-S accelerates to 0.94% in the 3rd week of March, from 0.64% in the 2nd preview, says FGV

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The Consumer Price Index – Weekly (IPC-S) accelerated to 0.94% in the third quadrissemana of March, from 0.64% on Monday, informed this Wednesday (23) the Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).

In the sum of 12 months, accumulated inflation increased from 8.91% to 9.24% in the period.

Seven of the eight classes of expenses monitored by FGV registered acceleration in this reading.

The largest contribution to the IPC-S came from the Transport group (0.46% to 1.37%), driven by the increase in gasoline (-0.56% to 1.94%).

The FGV also found Housing acceleration (0.53% to 0.90%), driven by residential electricity tariff (0.06% to 0.89%); Health and Personal Care (0.09% to 0.22%), with hygiene and personal care items (0.29% to 0.64%), and Clothing (0.73% to 0.96%), due to to men’s clothing (1.36% to 1.76%).

Completing the list of highs are the Education, Reading and Recreation groups (0.14% to 0.19%), by excursion and tour (-0.28% to 0.54%); Miscellaneous Expenses (0.24% to 0.30%), with banking services (0.17% to 0.21%); and Food (1.79% to 1.82%), due to poultry and eggs (-0.21% to 0.47%).

Only the Communication group (-0.06% to -0.13%) cooled down between the second and third readings in March. The result was driven by the deflation of monthly fees for internet (-0.04% to -0.20%).


The main upward pressures on the IPC-S came from licensing/IPVA (stable at 3.91%); tomato (10.42% to 15.90%); residential rent (1.15% to 1.54%); and carrots (42.68% to 36.16%), in addition to gasoline.

On the other hand, ethanol (-5.31% to -3.07%) helped to contain the rise in the index; health plan and insurance (stable at -0.49%), deodorant (-1.09% to -2.19%), silver banana (-0.37% to -3.12%) and skin protectors (-1.24% to -1.18%).

Source: CNN Brasil

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