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IPEC: 46% of Brazilians spend more than half their income on electricity and gas bills

Four out of ten Brazilians consume more than half of their income with electricity and gas bills, according to a survey by IPEC (Intelligence in Research and Consulting), in partnership with iCS (Instituto Clima e Sociedade).

The increase in energy due to last year’s water crisis meant that 46% of the more than 2,000 Brazilians from all regions of the country consulted by the survey responded that expenditures compromise at least 50% of family income.

In an interview with CNN Radio, Amanda Ohara, coordinator of the initiative and energy at iCS, also highlighted that 10% of Brazilians said they had all their income earmarked for these expenses. “It’s a number that scares a lot.”

According to her, the “most vulnerable regions historically tend to be the most impacted”, such as the Northeast and North.

“Another thing we captured was that this increase in electricity bills is impacting the daily lives of 90% of families, while 40% have stopped buying clothes, shoes, appliances to afford energy and 22% have stopped buying basic foods ”, completed.

There was also a setback for Brazilians, according to Amanda. “Brazilians are taking steps backwards. In this last year, 10% started using firewood and 6% charcoal. There are 33 million people who use a less efficient energy source and are at risk from lack of access to gas.”

The survey also points out that 49% started turning off light bulbs and taking shorter showers and 23% started to avoid consuming a lot of energy during peak hours.

There is no optimism for this year: 76% believe the electricity bill will increase this year, while 51% think it will “increase a lot.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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