Ipiranga Museum reopens this Tuesday with a closed ceremony for 500 guests

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One of the most traditional cultural institutions in the country, the Ipiranga Museum, in São Paulo, is open again. The official reopening took place on Tuesday night (6) in a closed ceremony for guests, authorities and sponsors.

The event started around 7:30 pm with the interpretation of the national anthem by the Symphony Orchestra of the University of São Paulo (Osusp) and took place outdoors on the esplanade, which is in front of the monument building. About 500 people were present.

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During the speech, the director of the museum Rosaria Ono spoke about the importance of the space for Brazilians and, moved, highlighted the participation of women in the project.

“The museum today is bigger than the one that closed its doors, it’s almost twice the size. This new space is the result of the work of many men and women […] I am the only one to be on this stage alongside the authorities, but I represent many who were before me and along with me on this journey”, she said.

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Among those present were Ricardo Nunes, mayor of the city of São Paulo, Sérgio Sá Leitão, secretary of Culture, Marcos Penido, secretary of government, Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior, dean of USP, Dom João Orleans de Bragança, representative of the royal family, between others.

João Doria, former governor of São Paulo, who was in charge of the administration during most of the construction period, was honored during the ceremony.

Amidst the speeches and in the rain, a plaque was displayed to mark the reopening. Finally, guests were able to discover the new exhibitions and participate in a cocktail.

Next days

On the 7th, the date on which Brazil’s Independence is celebrated, there will be a symbolic opening for 200 students from public schools in São Paulo.

On Thursday, starting at 11 am, the space will begin to receive the public, who will be able to enter for free until November 6th. Interested parties should make an appointment on the Museum’s website.

The institution is expected to receive between 900 and 1 million visitors a year.

new museum

In total, 3,058 items belonging to the Museum’s collection, 509 items from other collections and 76 reproductions and facsimiles will be on display. Most of the objects date from the 19th and 20th centuries, but there are older items, dating back to colonial Brazil.

The exhibitions include paintings, sculptures, objects, furniture, coins, textual documents, photographs, objects in fabric and wood that bring discussions about Brazilian society, from the intimate sphere of the home to social life, and about the museum itself, its attributions. and functioning.

The work

Estimated at R$ 235 million, the renovation gave a new face to the museum and relied on funds raised between the private sector and the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture.

Now, the public will find a modern and accessible space, with elevators and escalators everywhere. The works doubled the size of the Museum and tripled the exhibition area, from 12 to 49 rooms.

The new exhibition space covers all areas of the Monument-Building, including places previously without public access, and others that did not exist.

The circuit has 70 multimedia pieces, immersive rooms, interactive spaces and accessibility, with around 390 multisensory resources available to all audiences, such as touch screens, models and enlarged replicas of various items from the collection.

Source: CNN Brasil

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