‘IPTO talent’: Employment opportunities for young scientists from IPTO

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IPTO – Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) announces the launch of the “IPTO talent” program, which offers employment opportunities to new and young scientists, supporting the effort to stop the brain drain, ie the “outflow” “young and highly qualified human resources from Greece abroad.

IPTO’s new talent recruitment program is aimed at Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and IT graduates, with little (up to two years) or no work experience, and enables them to start their professional careers from a high standard environment. IPTO.

The 10 most suitable candidates, who will be selected after individual interviews and transparent evaluation procedures, will join IPTO’s human resources with a full-time full-time employment relationship, and will work on an equal number of new projects of the Manager, gaining significant knowledge. different fields of activity.

The new associates will receive introductory training and guidance from experienced IPTO executives, while they will be tested in various jobs either in the Central Services or in Energy Control Centers, before joining the teams that will undertake the implementation of the 10 new projects.

The submission of applications for participation in the “IPTO talent” program started today, through a well-known electronic recruitment platform, and will last until February 9.

Required formal qualifications of the candidates are the following:

-Diploma or degree of domestic or foreign equivalent, legally recognized, of Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or Informatics.

-Postgraduate degree related to the required specialties.

-Permission to practice the profession of Engineer of the corresponding specialty of the degree.

Excellent knowledge of English.

For more information and applications: https://apply.workable.com/admie/?lng=en


Source From: Capital

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