IPVA 2023: see the payment schedule and how to check the amount in SP

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Vehicle owners registered in São Paulo can access the value of the 2023 Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA) throughout the banking network, the state government said this Tuesday (3).

The query can be carried out at the self-service terminals, internet banking and mobile applications provided by banks, simply informing the Renavam number and the vehicle license plate. It is also possible to check directly on the website of the Department of Finance and Planning (Sefaz-SP).

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The owner has until the expiration date of the license plate to pay the tax in a single installment, with a discount, or pay the first installment of the tribute.

Tax rates for new and used private vehicles remain the same: 4% for passenger cars; 2% for motorcycles and the like, single cab vans, minibuses, buses and heavy machinery; in addition to 1.5% for trucks and 1% for vehicles from rental companies, registered in São Paulo.

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This year, it is possible to pay the tax in up to five installments. For owners who decide to pay the tax in advance in January, the discount will be 3%.

In addition, depending on the value of the IPVA, the system will automatically calculate the number of installments: in three, in four or in five installments, equal and consecutive, — provided that the minimum amount per installment is R$ 68.52.

late payment

Taxpayers who fail to pay the tax are subject to a fine of 0.33% per day of delay and default interest based on the Selic rate. After 60 days, the percentage of the fine is set at 20% of the tax amount.

If the default persists, the debt will be registered in the Active Debt, and the owner will have his name included in the State Cadin, which prevents him from taking advantage of any credit he may have through the São Paulo Invoice.

Default also prevents a new license for the vehicle. After the deadline set by the Detran for licensing, the vehicle may be seized, with a fine imposed by the transit authority and seven points on the National Driver’s License (CNH).

About IPVA

The total fleet in São Paulo is approximately 27 million vehicles. Of these, 17.9 million are subject to the payment of IPVA and 8.5 million are exempt for being more than 20 years old.

Around 920,000 vehicles are considered exempt, immune or waived from paying – this includes taxi drivers, people with disabilities, churches, non-profit entities, official vehicles and urban buses and minibuses.

Sefaz-SP estimates that tax collection will reach R$ 23.4 billion in 2023.

Check the IPVA 2023 payment schedule:

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Source: CNN Brasil

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