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Iran adopted a two-day weekend, Friday and Saturday

Iran's parliament has approved a bill that aims to extend the weekend to two days, Friday and Saturday, excluding Thursday, which is currently a half-day. If the bill is approved by the Guards Council, which is responsible for the constitutionality of laws, the legal length of the working week in Iran will be reduced from 44 to 40 hours, the official IRNA news agency reported today. The bill, tabled by the government, was adopted by 136 MPs, while 66 voted against it, after months of debate over the choice of the two weekend days. Friday is currently the only holiday of the week, while Thursday is considered a half-day, as often on this day Iranians only work in the morning. By choosing Saturday instead of Thursday, Iran aligns with most Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and North Africa. In recent months, economists have warned against choosing a weekend that […]
Source: News Beast

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