Iran-Occupation of Greek tankers: Tehran criticizes France-Germany for their ‘involvement’

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The Islamic Republic of Iran today denounced the “inappropriate interference”, as it characterized it, of France and Germany, which condemned the arrest by Tehran of two Greek tankers in the Gulf.

“Such inappropriate interference in the independent judicial process of our country will not help solve the problems,” said in a statement Said Hatibzadeh, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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On May 27, the Revolutionary Guards, Iran’s ideological army, announced that they had captured two Greek oil tankers, a few weeks after the capture by Greece of a ship carrying Iranian oil at the request of the United States.

The foreign ministers of Germany and France issued separate statements condemning the capture of these Greek ships by Iran and calling on Tehran to release them along with their crews.

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Berlin denounced “an unwarranted interference with maritime transport” and “a serious breach of international rules”.

Paris, for its part, reiterated its “commitment to the rules of international law that protect the freedom of navigation and safety at sea” and called on Iran to “immediately release its crews and ships.”

Hatibzadeh, for his part, denounced the fact that France and Germany were protesting a “legal” arrest, while the same countries “remain silent in the face of the illegal arrest (s.s .: from Greece) of a ship” carrying an Iranian oil.

The Revolutionary Guards justified the arrest of the Greek ships, citing “violations” they allegedly committed, without giving further details.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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