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Iranian President Raisi denounces “genocide” of Palestinians by Israel

Iranian President Ebrahim Raishi today accused the West that he supports her “genocide” committed by Israel against the Palestinians in Gaza, at the start of the talks he had in Moscow with the president Vladimir Putin.

As part of a series of meetings focusing on the situation in the Middle East, Putin welcomed Raisi to the Kremlin, a day after he visited the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, where he discussed oil prices and the wars in Gaza and Ukraine. In remarks at the start of the meeting, Putin said it would be very important to discuss the situation in the Middle East, particularly in the Palestinian territories. Raisi replied through an interpreter: “What is happening in Palestine and Gaza is of course genocide and a crime against humanity.”

Iran supports the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, in its war with Israel. Russia has relations with all the major players in the Middle East including Hamas and Israel, which it angered by hosting a Hamas delegation in Moscow in October. Analysts say the conflict in Gaza has helped Russia distract the international community from the war in Ukraine and allowed Moscow to align itself with other developing countries in solidarity with the Palestinians. Israel has said in the past that accusations of genocide are unacceptable and that its actions are aimed at Hamas, not civilians.

Like North Korea, whose leader Kim Jong Un held a summit with Putin in the Russian Far East in September, Iran is an avowed enemy of the US and has the ability to supply Moscow with military equipment for its war in Ukraine, where Russia has made extensive use of Iranian drones (drones). The United States has expressed strong concern about growing military cooperation between Moscow and Tehran.

The Kremlin said last month that Russia and Iran were developing relations, “including in the field of military-technical cooperation,” but declined to comment on a White House hint that Iran may be considering supplying Russia with ballistic missiles.

Source: News Beast

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