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Iranian teenager in coma after controversial fainting in Tehran subway dies

Armita Geravad breathed her last at the age of 16 from Iranthe teenage girl who had fallen into a coma under controversial circumstances in early October in the Tehran subway, according to Iranian media reports.

“Unfortunately, he had been in a coma for some time after suffering brain damage. He died a few minutes ago,” IRNA reported.

“Armita Gerawad, a student living in Tehran, died an hour ago after intensive medical treatment and 28 days in the intensive care unit”the Borna news agency, which is linked to Iran’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, reported at the same time.

The 16-year-old girl from the Kurdish region had been hospitalized at Fajr Hospital in Tehran since October 1 after fainting in the Iranian capital’s subway.

The circumstances under which he passed out are controversial. The authorities announced that she was “stressed out” and denied any “verbal or physical confrontation” between her “and passengers or subway officials.”

Today, Iran’s Tasnim news agency cited “the official opinion of doctors”, according to which the teenager “suffered a fall that led to brain damage, followed by continuous convulsions, reduced brain oxygenation and cerebral edema, following a sudden drop in blood pressure.” .

However, according to non-governmental organizations, the teenager was seriously injured in an “attack” by members of the morality police, which is tasked with enforcing the requirement for women in Iran to wear the headscarf in public.

This incident occurred just over a year after the death, on September 16, 2022, while in custody of Mahsha Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian-Kurdish woman who had been arrested by the morality police for allegedly violating the strict dress code imposed on women. in Iran.

Her death had sparked a major protest movement in that country, in which hundreds of people, including members of the order’s forces, had died and led to the arrest of thousands.

Source: News Beast

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