Iraq: Baghdad repays war reparations to Kuwait

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More than 30 years after its invasion Iraq in the Kuwait, the Baghdad repaid them war reparations imposed on it, paying more than $ 52 billion.

On August 2, 1990, the Iraqi army invaded the emirate Kuwait, rich in oil, and attached it. Seven months later he was expelled by an international coalition under the USA.

“Iraq has closed the issue of war reparations to Kuwait by paying the last part of those reparations,” he said. Mosher Saleh, financial adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister.

Overall the Iraq paid to Kuwait $ 52.4 billion (€ 46.3 billion), he said. “This is not a small amount, this amount would be enough to build a power grid in Iraq that would serve the country for years,” he said.

The Iraq, where infrastructure is on the verge of collapse, is facing daily power outages, despite the fact that the country is rich in hydrocarbons.

THE Saleh expressed the hope that the sums given so far for war reparations would now be used for development projects.

THE Central Bank of Iraq announced that it had paid the last part of the war reparations to the Kuwait, amounting to $ 44 million.

In 2014, when the Iraq was faced with its spread Islamic State (ΙΚ) which eventually occupied one third of the country, the Baghdad had suspended compensation payments. In 2018, after the defeat of ΙΚ, the Iraqi authorities resumed paying this money to Kuwait.

Compensation was given to individuals, companies, governments and other organizations that suffered losses that were directly caused by the Iraqi invasion and occupation.

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