Home World Iraq: Three rockets landed near Baghdad’s Green Zone

Iraq: Three rockets landed near Baghdad’s Green Zone

Iraq: Three rockets landed near Baghdad’s Green Zone

Three rockets fell this morning near her Green Zone Baghdad, where There are many western embassies, including the United States, but also government buildings, without casualties, said a source in the Iraqi security services.

“Three Katyusha rockets hit the Mansour district in Baghdad”, pointed out this source who wanted to remain anonymous.

The rockets fell near a Red Crescent hospital, at a bank and next to the local water management service, this source added.

Currently no organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, the first of its kind to be launched in the Iraqi capital since July. It came at a time when the recount of votes from the early parliamentary elections of October 10 continues.

According to preliminary results, the Conquest Alliance, the political wing of Hasd al-Saabi, a powerful pro-Iranian paramilitary organization, has seen its parliamentary seats drastically reduced. The leaders of Hasd al-Saabi are disputing the election results and hundreds of their supporters have been protesting for 12 days on a boulevard leading to the Green Zone in protest.

Hasd al-Saabi strongly opposes the US presence in Iraq. Its leaders have repeatedly hailed rocket-propelled grenade launchers and rocket-propelled grenades fired in recent months against Iraqi bases where US troops are stationed, but have not claimed responsibility.

About 2,500 US troops are still in Iraq. From 2022 they will have only an “advisory” role.



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