Ireland Baldwin defends dad Alec after the tragedy on the set: “I know you and I love you”

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the investigations about the tragedy that took place on the set of the film Rust, dove Alec Baldwin trying a gun he was supposed to use on stage he accidentally killed director of photography Halyna Hutchins, 42, and injured director Joel Souza, 48, they go on. The sixty-three-year-old star, in theory, could be accused of murder. Santa Fe County Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies hinted at this in an interview with New York Times: «We do not exclude anything. At this point all the hypotheses, even criminal charges, are on the table. On the set there was a huge amount of real bullets. We want to understand why they were there and how they were used ». Several legal experts interviewed by the BBC, however, claimed that Criminal charges against Baldwin are unlikely.

In such a dramatic moment for dad, Ireland Baldwin he wanted to break the silence. There twenty-six, daughter of the star and Kim Basinger, these days it has been bombarded with hateful messages towards her father. But he also received touching sentences support. One, written by a woman, struck her so much that she wanted to post it on her Instagram profile: “Many years ago I worked for a Toronto production company that was making the film about Thomas the Tank Engine. I’ve met a lot of very stupid celebrities over time but not your dad. His only concern was that there was always milk and cereal in the hotel for her daughter. I said everything, I will always remember it ». Ireland, posting the words of the woman, added: “Among so many threatening and terrible comments, emails and audio clips, I found this splendid message. I know you, dad, and I love you».

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In recent days, Hilaria Baldwin, Alec’s wife, has also found the strength to speak. “My heart is with Halyna. His husband. His son»He wrote in a post on Instagram. Their family and loved ones. And my Alec. It is said: “There are no words” because it is impossible to express the shock and pain of such a tragic accident. Heartbreak. Lost. Support”.

Alec Baldwin also expressed all his pain on social media: “My heart is broken for her husband, their son and all those who loved Halyna. ‘

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Meanwhile, the investigations are continuing. But the dynamics of the terrible accident are still to be clarified. For now there is only one certainty: the gun given to Alec Baldwin on set was loaded with live bullets. The assistant director of the film Rust, David Halls, admitted he didn’t check all the bullets from the gun of scene that he himself has passed to Baldwin yelling “cold gun” before the tragedy that led to Halyna’s death on Thursday 21 October. When Baldwin pulled the trigger, a shot went off that hit Hutchins in the chest and injured the director, Joel Souza, who was behind. The woman died in the hospital. The director is not serious. In the coming days, the investigators said, the first arrests are not excluded.

Baldwin will probably not be indicted, but there are those who still do not clear him. Bryan Carpenter, weapons expert on movie sets and head of Dark Thirty Film Services, interviewed by New York Post he said plainly: “Load or not, a weapon even if on stage it is never aimed at another human being».


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