Irene Fargo is dead

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He did not make it Irene Fargo: the singer died in the night between one and two July, in Chiari (in the province of Brescia), a few months before she turned 60. Her friend and colleague announced it Giovanna Nocetti, in a post on Facebook accompanied by some images that portray them together: «Hi Irene, I want to remember you like this. We loved each other sincerely. I will miss you .. Rest in peace. Your Gio “

With Irene Fargo goes a piece of song history. Stage name of Flavia Pozzaglioafter the debut at the Castrocaro festival in 1987 with the song Hurry of youwas noticed in Sanremo, coming in second place in 1991 with Ibsen’s woman. From there other successes including, again in Sanremo, the following year, Like a Turandotfinished second again, who consecrated his powerful voice and its cult of art and beauty. From that moment Irene Fargo walked away from the stage, and her motive revealed it to Who has seen: she had been subjected to violence by her husband. He officially returned to the scene in 2009 with O core and Napulealbum of classics of the Neapolitan song and, in addition to recording albums, over the years she has participated in musicals, TV programs, concerts: for example, she was among the artists of «Amiche per l’Abruzzo».

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“Music comes to the rescue, to support the soul”, wrote Irene Fargo just 4 days ago on her Instagram profile. The cause of death is not known precisely: the Adnkronos agency speaks of a “long illness”. What is certain is that Irene Fargo has gone through a difficult and tortuous path. “We have lucky friends and others for whom fate has reserved a more difficult path”, wrote Renato Zero in a long post on Facebook. “Irene Fargo is a good and generous soul. She is a sensitive and passionate artist. My audience has always known where to look and to whom to give their heart. I am sure that our caress to Irene will be really appreciated and will do her a lot of good! Thank you so much for your constant attention and respect for others ».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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